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Welcome! My name is Piers Midwinter. I am the creator and director of Best Language. I set up my company in order to work as a sole trader and as a freelancer. Best Language is a company that has been set-up to offer:

  • Corporate Training - English Language Solutions for Companies
  • Bespoke English Language Courses
  • Business to Business (B2B) services
  • Language School services - Tutoring, coaching, lecturing and teaching etc.
  • Business Language Courses for firms and individuals
  • Educational, Business and IT Consultation services
  • Online teaching via Skype.

I can thus teach clients at Best Language, online or on-site at a Company, School or Institution within the Opolskie region. I generally prefer to work close to Opole. Companies wanting English lessons/courses held at a company some distance away from Opole (More than 20 kilometres) should hire me for the whole entire day and pay more for lessons (to counteract for the travel expenses and the time that is taken to travel etc.)

Slogans for Best Language

My Company has two slogans that epitomise what I and my company stand for:

  • Short three-word slogan "Because QUALITY Matters"
  • Full-length slogan: "Get the BEST LANGUAGE for your firm"

Many Language Schools in Opole can be characterised easily - they have large rooms, which are usually white in colour, with many tables and chairs. The teacher typically stands at the front and often treats students as subordinates. It is a business model that is aimed at making money and not necessarily providing top quality. Best Language is unlike any other Language School in Opole. It is the ONLY Language School in Opole that has been designed from the offset to provide top quality English Language Services. There is ONLY one table. The clients sit directly opposite me - the teacher. Clients are thus treated as equals. My company has been decorated and styled in a unique style (detailed below) etc. Best Language thus targets a Niche market - people who want and appreciate top quality in every sense...


Best Language aims to be the Opole Market Leader in terms of providing top quality:

  • English and/or Specialist English Language Services.
  • Customised Corporate English Language Courses for Companies.

Brand image

The brand of my company using just five keywords...

  • Prestige - Best Language has a good reputation and is generally held in high esteem. My clients have both respect and admiration for what I am doing etc.
  • Convenience - My Language School is located on Reymonta in the heart of Opole within five minutes walking distance of Solaris and the University of Opole. There is free car-parking at the back of the building. My Language School thus offers a drop-off facility for parents wanting to go and do some shopping for an hour or so.
  • Quality - Information on me can be found on my personal website: Piers Midwinter  I have invested a large sum of money into making my company a very special environment for learning English (This is detailed in the My flat section below).
  • Hospitality - Clients can choose from a wide range of Beverages etc (This is detailed in the My flat section below). I am also extremely polite and friendly etc.
  • Vision - Opole is growing very quickly. This is defined on the cities website ( It talks about Opole as a modern and competitive centre for primary, secondary and higher education. My company is well placed to take full advantage of this. The Opole website also mentions the Creation of new workplaces. I am already working as a Corporate Trainer at an IT Company based in the Technology Park near Karolinka and take a keen interest in technological developments. I am the only language school owner in Opole who has created and regularly updates his own websites. I create all of my Youtube videos and do all of my Adword promotions etc. So I actually know what to do and how! Plac Kopernica (Copernicus square) is currently being renovated. Within the next ten years, it should have a new underground car-park and a man-made park on top. I suspect that this area will become very popular and my Language School is thus well situated to take advantage of this growth.

My flat

In August 2017, I acquired a flat in the centre of Opole. In October and November of the same year, the flat was renovated to a very high standard. Best Language will, therefore, give clients access to:

  • A beautifully decorated English style flat
  • Access to a modern kitchen with top-quality fittings (Coffee-maker, frother, toaster & fridge/freezer etc. This facilitates the creation of many well-known beverages such as latte and cappuccino etc.
  • Beautiful fittings (traditionally carved wooden furniture with ornately decorated cushions, Persian carpet, chandeliers, whiteboard & Chesterfield sofa etc).
  • Top quality technology (4k definition monitor, Apple MacBook Pro & a Printer/Scanner/Fax machine etc)
  • A large number of English books, games and other educational resources to aid learning
  • A quiet flat within a residential block, with the front door located at the back of the building. This is in stark contrast to most language schools where the entrance is on the main street. I am keen to preserve the private nature of lessons. This is particularly important to company directors.
  • The only language school in Opole tailor-made to suit the needs of Corporate clients. So please come and talk to me. Tell me what your company needs in terms of its English learning and I will provide you with a Corporate English language solution. Typically, I recommend courses that run at least a year and that are offered to students whose abilities are typically between Pre-Intermediate and Advanced

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Best Language - Corporate English
Best Language Piers Midwinter. Language school Opole. Angielski Szkoła Językowa

Currently, I am working:

  • In the Opolskie region of Poland
  • With companies, institutions and schools in these areas
  • Individuals and small groups in these areas
  • People wanting lessons or assistance online
  • As a Corporate Trainer
  • As a University Lecturer
  • As an online teacher

Typically, at the very beginning, I will visit clients and discuss what they want etc. Together, we will then discuss pay, terms and conditions. A contract is then signed by both parties, I then comply with the terms and conditions of the contract. This often involves teaching Business English on-site at a Company once a week between September and June of the following year etc.  So, at the end of every month, I send a signed invoice to the company and request payment. Working directly with companies means that they can make requests and I can tailor my services to meet them.

I  have experience working as a Corporate English Language Trainer, Business English provider, Company director, Consultant, Teacher and University Lecturer etc. Moreover, I have worked with many kinds of companies, organisations and institutions including Universities, Polytechnics, Language Schools, Private Schools, IT companies, Factories, Architects and many others. Additionally, I have worked with Company Directors, representatives from the Town Hall, Professors, Doctors, students and many other kinds of people.

Invoices - Detailed information on Best Language

  • My name: Piers Midwinter
  • My job roles: Company director, Tutor, Coach, Corporate Trainer, University Lecturer, Company Course provider, Teacher and Consultant etc.
  • Company name: Best Language
  • Type of Company: English Language School, Consultancy and Business to Business (B2B) Services
  • Where services are provided: Online, onsite at a Company within the Opolskie region or at Best Language
  • Address of Best Language: Reymonta 1/12, 45-065 Opole, Opolskie, Polska
  • NIP: 521-343-95-15
  • Regon: 161579995
  • Telefon: +48 883 047 684
  • My website:
  • Company website:
  • E-mail:
  • Bank: Bank BGŻ BNP Paribas
  • Swiftbic: PPABPLPK
  • Account number: 20 2030 0045 1130 0000 0850 4190

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Nauka Business English z native speakerem, który jest nie tylko świetnym nauczycielem języka, ale również partnerem do merytorycznej dyskusji. Polecam

Paulina Garncarska

Najlepszy nauczyciel angielskiego, gorąco polecam

Maciej Jan Derkacz

Piers is one the best English teachers I have ever met! Professional and interesting Business English. You can discuss whatever you really want (medicine, politics, economics etc.).

Pierce to jeden z najlepszych nauczycieli angielskiego, jakich udało mi się poznać! Lekcje Business English, które prowadzi są profesjonalne, ale też bardzo interesujące. Można z nim podyskutować na każdy temat – medycyna, polityka, ekonomia – cokolwiek chcesz  Polecam!

Agnieszka Brodzka Director of

Gorąco polecam współpracę z Pierce’m. Pełen profesjonalizm, zawsze dobry humor, niezapomniane tematy konwersacji i specjalistyczna wiedza z zakresu IT

Przemysław Karczewski Director of Vox Commerce S.P Z.o.o

Jeżeli chcesz zgłębić tajniki Business English, nie mogłeś lepiej trafić! Gorąco polecam Pierce’a jako kompetentnego nauczyciela

Nina Matuszek

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