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I organise high-quality training in Business English for companies, institutions and individuals. I offer…

  • Corporate training to Companies onsite, online and/or staff at my Language School
  • ICT help (website design, WordPress, SEO & Adwords etc.)
  • Specialist language courses – Specjalistyczne kursy językowe‎
  • Business English, Project management, hotels and catering, logistics management, business administration and construction etc.
  • Cambridge English: YLE, PET, KET, FCE, CAE, CPE, BEC, ICFE and ILEC etc.
  • To help students attain TELC, OET, TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS & TOLES etc.
  • Conversational English on a wide variety of topics including general English, history, culture and the law etc.
  • Online teaching, tutoring, training and consultation etc

Business English Opole. Angielski w Biznesie.Lessons for groups of students usually take place mainly on the premises of the company. I thus drive to your company. This saves all of your employees valuable time and money. Lessons for individuals or very small groups can also be held at my company: Best Language.

Courses cover a wide range of issues related to general or business language. At the company’s request, the program can be tailored and could thus include specialist issues such as website search engine optimisation, finance, logistics, business law and accounting etc.

The key to success in achieving the objectives of the training is to choose an appropriate curriculum. Together with the customer we develop a program perfectly adapted to your business and current needs.

Courses usually start at the beginning of September and usually continue until the end of the academic year. A contract thus provides both Best Language and your business a legally binding proof of agreed terms. I proudly provide a hospitable and professional service.

I detail some of the most popular courses on offer below…


Business English Opole

Best Language has a few conversational Business English Courses at differing levels. The first four courses listed below broadly follow the topics covered by the Market Leader books published by Pearson Education. The courses thus have Sound files, Videos, Student books and Workbooks containing grammar exercises, examples of typical business documents etc.

Pre-Intermediate Business English Opole
Topics include: Careers, Companies, Selling, Great Ideas, Stress, Entertaining, New Business, Marketing, Planning, Managing People, Conflict and Products

Intermediate Business English Opole
Topics include: Brands, Travel, Change, Organisation, Advertising, Money, Cultures, Human Resources, International Markets, Ethics, Leadership and Competition

Upper Intermediate Business English Opole
Topics include: Communication, International Marketing, Building Relationships, Success, Job Satisfaction, Risk, Management Styles, Team Building, Raising Finance, Customer Service, Crisis Management, Mergers and Acquisitions

Advanced Business English Course Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole
Topics include: Impressions, Training, Energy, Marketing, Employment Trends, Ethics, Finance, Consultants, Strategy, Online Business, New Business and Project Management

Business English Opole. Kursy Angielski w Biznesie Opole. Angielskiego Biznesowego.

There are several different Business documents that employees should know how to write. These include:

  • E-mail
  • Semi-formal and formal letter
  • Memorandum
  • Proposal
  • Action points/minutes
  • Reports
  • Press releases

Employees should also be aware of how to create:

  • a curriculum vitae (resume)
  • a cover letter
  • an invoice
  • a purchase order
  • graphs and charts
  • tables and spreadsheets

Each of the above-listed items requires an understanding of specific language and skills. For example, reports should be well organised, with the information listed in a logical manner. There is no set layout for a report – this will depend on a) the type of report and b) the company style. Reports typically have a title, executive summary, introduction, findings, conclusions and recommendations. Some documents require salutations or greetings and/or official endings such as ‘Yours sincerely’ if you know the person you are writing to or ‘Yours faithfully’ if you don’t.

Most Businesses now expect employees to be fully conversant with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Access, Powerpoint and Outlook etc). The ability to edit documents and create standardised templates is essential.

Company courses

I am able to customise course for clients needs. As such courses can cover a wide range of topics such as Conflict Resolution, Corporate Communications, Internal Communications, Personal Development, Training & Development, Customer service, Persuasion, Brand Identity, Marketing, Advertising and PR, Business Skills, Presentation skills, Social Media, Negotiation skills, Website design, Using Technology, Icebreaking and Interviewing etc. Alternatively, you may also want employees to gain a qualification such as the Business English Certificate (BEC) or the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) etc.

The BEC or Business English Certificate – These are internationally recognised qualifications that show employers your skills for using English in the workplace. English is a key skill for a successful career. If you are applying for a job or hoping to get a promotion, most employers-especially international employers will ask you to demonstrate your English language skills. You can do this taking the prestigious Cambridge ESOL BEC or Business English Certificates. In today’s global business world it is important to show employers you can communicate in English effectively in everyday business situations.

If you are serious about Business English in Opole, it is important you find a well-qualified Teacher with expert knowledge. Luckily for you, I have six teaching qualifications, two Google certificates, I am a Native English Speaker and I have over 17 years of teaching employment – So I am well qualified to help you. I am located in the heart of Opole very near Solaris and the University of Opole. This is convenient for you and furthermore, you will experience the only language school in Opole decorated in an English-styled. All classes are taught by me. My name is Piers Midwinter Please contact me by email for more information or call me by phone on +48 883 047 684. All lessons are invoiced through my company: Best Language

When it comes to Business English Course for Companies – “Get the Best Language for your firm” – “Because QUALITY matters”