Language School

Language School – Szkola jezykowa

Best Language has been set-up to offer:

  • Corporate Training – English Language Solutions for Companies
  • Bespoke English Language Courses
  • Business to Business (B2B) services
  • Language School services – Tutoring, coaching, lecturing and teaching etc.
  • Business Language Courses for firms and individuals
  • Educational, Business and IT Consultation services
  • Online teaching via Skype.

I can thus teach clients at Best Language, online or on-site at a Company, School or Institution within the Opolskie region. I generally prefer to work close to Opole. Companies wanting English lessons/courses held at a company some distance away from Opole (More than 20 kilometres) should hire me for the whole entire day and pay more for lessons (to counteract for the travel expenses and the time that is taken to travel etc.)

My Company has two slogans that epitomise what I and my company stand for:

  • Short three-word slogan “Because QUALITY Matters
  • Full-length slogan: “Get the Best Language for your firm

Many Language Schools in Opole can be characterised easily – they have large rooms, which are usually white in colour, with many tables and chairs. The teacher typically stands at the front and often treats students as subordinates. It is a business model that is aimed at making money and not necessarily providing top quality. Best Language is unlike any other Language School in Opole. It is the ONLY Language School in Opole that has been designed from the offset to provide top quality English Language Services. There is ONLY one table. The clients sit directly opposite me – the teacher. Clients are thus treated as equals. My company has been decorated and styled in a unique style (detailed below) etc. Best Language thus targets a Niche market – people who want and appreciate top quality in every sense…


Best Language aims to be the Opole Market Leader in terms of providing top quality:

  • English and/or Specialist English Language Services.
  • Customised Corporate English Language Courses for Companies.

Language School – Brand image

The brand of my company using just five keywords…

  • Prestige – Best Language has a good reputation and is generally held in high esteem. My clients have both respect and admiration for what I am doing etc.
  • Convenience – My Language School is located on Reymonta in the heart of Opole within five minutes walking distance of Solaris and the University of Opole. There is free car-parking at the back of the building. My Language School thus offers a drop-off facility for parents wanting to go and do some shopping for an hour or so.
  • Quality – Information on me can be found on my personal website: Piers Midwinter  I have invested a large sum of money into making my company a very special environment for learning English (This is detailed in the My flat section below).
  • Hospitality – Clients can choose from a wide range of Beverages etc (This is detailed in the My flat section below). I am also extremely polite and friendly etc.
  • Vision – Opole is growing very quickly. This is defined on the cities website ( It talks about Opole as a modern and competitive centre for primary, secondary and higher education. My company is well placed to take full advantage of this. The Opole website also mentions the Creation of new workplaces. I am already working as a Corporate Trainer at an IT Company based in the Technology Park near Karolinka and take a keen interest in technological developments. I am the only language school owner in Opole who has created and regularly updates his own websites. I create all of my Youtube videos and do all of my Adword promotions etc. So I actually know what to do and how! Plac Kopernica (Copernicus square) is currently being renovated. Within the next ten years, it should have a new underground car-park and a man-made park on top. I suspect that this area will become very popular and my Language School is thus well situated to take advantage of this growth.

My company is located in the centre of Opole on Reymonta very near Solaris and the University. There is free car parking at the back of the building for clients only. I have fully renovated my company to create a truly unique learning environment. Best Language has beautiful laminate flooring, a Persian carpet, traditional furniture, ceiling rosettes, gold chandeliers, gold wall lamps, a whiteboard, a 4k high definition monitor, a full and extensive library, a Chesterfield sofa, a fully fitted kitchen with modern appliances and many other beautiful fittings.

Best Language will thus create a special learning experience unlike any other in town. I am targeting professionals, company directors, management staff and students who appreciate top quality. Come and experience some real English hospitality…

My work

english language school opole. szkoła języka angielskiegoAt the moment, I am working:

  • As a Company and/or Corporate Trainer in Namyslow at two large Corporations. This is on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.
  • As an English Teacher at an IT company in Opole on Thursday mornings
  • As a University Lecturer at IHI Zittau (part of the Technical University of Dresden) on Fridays. I have been teaching Business English to Masters students since October 2014.
  • With companies, institutions or schools in the Opolskie area
  • Individuals or small groups
  • People wanting lessons or assistance online

I have extensive experience and several qualifications (CELTA, PGCE Post 16 in ICT, TOEIC, Google HTML5 double-click and Google Digital Garage). I am in charge of both of my websites ( and this one). I do all the Youtube videos, graphics, text and website programming myself (HTML, javascriptWordPresspress configuration etc). I am the ONLY teacher in Opole who runs all aspects of my language school by myself. This helps you see my expertise. I am a Native English Speaker too – so you know you will get real English!

How I operate

Typically, when I first meet a client, I discuss what the client wants and when. We then discuss pay, terms and conditions. A contract is then signed by both parties. I then comply with the terms and conditions of the contract – typically by teaching Business English on-site at a Companies headquarters once a week between September and June etc.  At the end of every month, I then send a signed invoice to the company requesting payment. Working directly with companies means that they can make requests and I can tailor my services to meet them. Information on my services can be found on my offer page.

Language School – Szkola Jezykowa:

Name of company: Best Language Piers Midwinter

Registered address (From September 1st, 2017): Ul. Władysława Reymonta 1/12, 45-065 Opole, Poland

Regon: 161579995

NIP: 5213439515

Tel: +48 883-047-684