I offer a range of services as detailed below…

What I offer

Business consultation offerApart from learning online, all of the services listed below can take place at any institution or place of residence near or in Opole in Poland

  • Corporate training focuses on the particular language needs of your business and creates courses that are designed to put it right.
  • Business Consultation refers to the seeking and giving of expert advice, information, and/or opinion in a particular area or specialised field.
  • Teaching Online is also known as remote teachers, distance teachers or virtual teachers, teachers and instructors to teach students online.
  • Lecturing is the ability to deliver an educational lecture or lectures. This is most commonly done at a University
  • Private Tutoring is a person employed to instruct another in some branch or branches of learning. Learning usually takes place somewhere private such as the students home or office or some other location.
  • Teaching refers to the occupation, profession, or work of a teacher. It can also refer to what is taught. Teaching is the process of attending to people’s needs, experiences and feelings, and making specific interventions to help them learn particular things. It requires knowledge and sensitivity.
  • Training Onsite or Corporate trainers work in offices to teach skills and knowledge to Company employees. They might work full time for the company or be hired for a short period of time. Corporate trainers can have different specialities and might use their skills to train new employees or teach new skills etc. Corporate trainers are teachers and must be able to speak in front of a crowd, produce and understand training materials, work closely with individuals and evaluate how well employees have learned. Trainers might work manually with written materials.


If the answer to any of the questions below is “YES”, then please contact me…

  • Do you need someone to teach you Online?
  • Do you need someone with good internet access and top quality computer for better quality lessons?
  • Do you need someone to deliver a University Lecture related to Business or Education?
  • Do you need a tutor, a coach or an instructor to give private lessons?
  • Do you want or need a Corporate trainer to work onsite?
  • Do you need a teacher for your School or institution?
  • Do you need a Business Consultant?
  • Do you want to learn grammar or simply have a chat in English?