Business English

Business English

The BEC is an Internationally recognised qualification that shows employers your skills for using English in the workplace. English is a key skill for a successful career. If you are applying for a job or hoping to get a promotion, most employers-especially international employers will ask you to demonstrate your English language skills. You can do this taking the prestigious Cambridge BEC Certificates. In today’s global business world it is important to show employers you can communicate in English effectively in everyday business situations.

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Business English

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Four levels

The Business English courses are set at four main levels

Pre-Intermediate – Topics include: Careers, Companies, Selling, Great Ideas, Stress, Entertaining, New Business, Marketing, Planning, Managing People, Conflict and Products

Intermediate – Topics include: Brands, Travel, Change, Organisation, Advertising, Money, Cultures, Human Resources, International Markets, Ethics, Leadership and Competition

Upper Intermediate – Topics include: Communication, International Marketing, Building Relationships, Success, Job Satisfaction, Risk, Management Styles, Team Building, Raising Finance, Customer Service, Crisis Management, Mergers and Acquisitions

Advanced – Topics include: First Impressions, Training, Energy, Marketing, Employment Trends, Ethics, Finance, Consultants, Strategy, Online Business, New Business and Project Management

Test your skills

The BEC (Business English Certificate) has three levels.

  • Preliminary. Level B1
  • Vantage. Level B2
  • Higher. Level C1

They are designed to test the English used in business and commerce. They will increase your career prospects at home and on the international job market. The Business exams are widely recognised around the world by many businesses, Universities and colleges etc.

BULATS stands for Business Language Testing Service. BULATS is a multi-level Business English test. There is no ‘pass’ or ‘fail’. Instead, you are given a score which corresponds to levels  A1 to C2 – where A1 represents a Basic knowledge and C2 represents Master. This test complements the BEC.

What you get

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There are several different Business English documents that employees should know how to write. These include:

  • E-mail
  • Semi-formal and formal letter
  • Proposal
  • Action points/minutes
  • Reports
  • Press releases

Each document requires an understanding of specific language and skills.


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